I've been told I need to gain some weight, Is what I ate yesterday OK, plus can you give me any ideas?

Breakfast: 1 glass pure orange juice, bowl of alpen, cup of coffee.

Mid – morning snack: Cup of coffee, 2 chocolate biscuits

Lunch: Lettuce and tomato sandwich, piece of flapjake with raisins it it, Apple and grapes, Glass of strawberry flavoured milk.

Dinner: Vegitarian Lasagna, raspberry mousse flan and a glass of tropical fruit juice

Supper: Hot chocolate and a couple of malted milk biscuits

During the day I had some glasses of water as well.

Today so far I have had:

Breakfast: 1 glass of pure apple juice, cup of coffee, porridge with slices of banana in it.

Just about to have mid morning snack which will be: cup of coffee and a slice of cake.
I don’t really eat meat that much, I will have mince meat, corned beef and I eat fish.
Oh and I love pasta, just didn’t eat any yesterday, but for dinner today I’m planning to have spag. bol.


  • ok lets change this and make it a bit higher in calories

    Breakfast – orange juice is fine as it has a high sugar concentration, bowl of alpen is seen as a low fat breakfast, try having 2 slices of toast with peanut butter

    Mid morning snack – cup of coffee is fine, maybe swap the biscuits for a packet of crisps doritos are nice and high and extremely tasty.

    Lunch – ditch the sandwhichs for a pasta salad, cold pasta with mayonaise and vegetables and some form of meat

    Dinner – anythign thats not veggie, you substitute the fattening meat for low fat vegetables, so anything meaty, and with carbohydrates

    Supper – sounds fine and ur cake sounds good too

    i wouldnt eat too many carbohydrates for dinner as they will sit in ur stomach and not process into muscle (which is what ur weight should be gained from) but it will just turn into fat
    have you ever tried alcohol
    most people gain weight from alcohol and could be a nice way to put on weight, if you drink one glass of red wine a day, it will help u put on weight but still be polite to ur heart
    hope everything goes well for you

  • Melissa

    You need to eat things like pasta, potatoes, etc. It helped me put on weight.

  • Ben2008

    Yesterday’s food looks OK. If you are wanting to gain weight, eat a little more carbos. and fats


    sounds fine…did you get told what calorie intake to use to gain weight…that should make it a little bit easier for you

  • fatimoir™ archuleta

    eat lots’a burgers..

  • dick19532003

    to be honest its a very healthy diet and is more for maintaining your weight or even losing a bit.
    you need more bulk like potatoes or pasta. if you want to put on weight why don’t you ask your doctor or nurse and I’m sure they will help you.

  • FreeSpeech

    Check out http://www.thedailyplate.com Best site I have ever seen for weight loss/weight gain.

  • Linda G

    Have 2 slices of cake instead of one.

  • StingRay

    Do You really need to ask what foods will help You gain weight? Do You own a deep fat fryer? Have You heard of sweets? Fast food?

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