Is there a natural antibiotic to fight a tooth infection?

I have an abscessed tooth (#30) and cannot afford to have it pulled until February. The dentist said he’d only prescribe me one week of antibiotics. I used the last of it today and have a whole month to go before I can have it surgically extracted (it has had two root canals so requires an oral surgeon to pull it) I just know the infection will come back again and spread into my ear like it did a week ago. Is there a natural antibiotic I can get online or at the health-food store? If I cannot find an alternative I will have to make another appointment with a different dentist when the infection comes back and I don’t have dental insurance. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You for your advice. I will gargle with warm salt water as you suggested. Why do I have to seek medical attention at once though? Who would I go to? My doctor will only tell me it’s a dental problem and send me back to the dentist. This is really a major bummer. I have spent a grand total of ,000 trying to save this tooth and it’s just hellbent on getting pulled. So I’m going to have to pull it. What could this lead to that I would have to seek immediate medical attention?
Tink, it’s too late, it was already in the bone before the antibiotics killed it. Now I’m worried it will come back. The medical community is heartless, all they care about is money. If I have to I will sell my truck. My son needs me. Thanks for the heads up. I didn’t know it could kill me.


  • thenoseknows

    Go to the health food store and buy some Oil of Oregano to put on the area of the gums right around the tooth. Olive leaf extract is an excellent anti-bacterial you can take. While you’re at the health food store ask the holistic nutritionist for some extra advice.
    There’s a Homeopathic remedy called Hepar Sulph. that will expel infections. Take a 30C up to 4 times a day to start, then stop when things improve. Go to Dr. Luc de Schepper’s website for some info. and instructions on how to use Homeopathy properly.
    You will need to take a high quality probiotic supplement to counteract what the antibiotics did to your good gut flora. Get one that delivers a min. of 15 billion live cells per dose. Can-Prev makes a good one.
    You should never have had to have 2 root canals. If the first one fails the tooth gets pulled. Now that your dentist has messed up big time he’s trying to foist you off on someone else… I’d be talking to the dental association for an investigation and then maybe a lawyer.

  • use salt and warm water.. gargle do this is many times as you can.. this will kill allot of the infection..
    also during Night use oral gel night..

    once you get the swelling down seek medical attention… at once…

    wish you luck…

  • sarah

    swish something strongly alcoholic like vodka around your mouth. you dont swallow it. it kills pain and bacteria. you can get echinacia/goldenseal tincture in the health food store. goldenseal is a natural antibiotic and echinacia is an immumne booster. but you can easily get antibiotics without a prescription. i did it when i had no medical insurance. go to petland discounts and get generic antibiotics for fish. i got amoxicillin, and tetracycline that way with no ill effects. for large amts go to or it is better than having an abcess go into the brain. a 13 yr old boy died that way and it hit all the ny newspapers a few yrs ago, bec the dental clinic delayed and didnt pull his tooth. good luck

  • You need immediate medical assistance to get a prescription for antibiotics in order to prevent the infection from getting into the bone, which could turn into sepsis and kill you – infection is the 10th most common cause of death – and no, there is no natural way to treat that….

    Good Luck

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