i drink about 1.5 litres of orange juice a day is this bad for me?


  • Scott N

    i dont think its bad as such. but you might get upset stomach from all the acid in the OJ. Plus i heard once someone kept drinking OJ every day and they turned a shade of orange. (not joking either)

  • Reece

    That quantity of fructose in your mouth every day might cause dental problems unless you brush your teeth straight afterwards. But that would taste disgusting so you probably wouldn’t do it.

  • Diane M

    Actually citrus helps you to lose weight by stimulating your metbolism. This is a lot of acid though and you need to make sure that it is not affecting your digestion or dental health.

  • kate r

    I think it’s more good for you than bad but maybe you need to drink different types of fruit juice not just orange juice but I really don’t think it’s bad for you.

  • lbaker2656

    A friend of mine used to eat loads of oranges and it affected the enamel on his teeth. I would suggest if you want to drink that much try water. If not use a straw so at least the sugar and acid doesnt affect your teeth so much.

  • Smartyman

    Acid in OJ could burn your stomach. There was someone at my camp who couldn’t participate in the activities one day. She drank two cartons a day!

  • offline256

    a lot of OJ, while gives you alot of Vitamin C, can cause acid erosion on your teeth. you may want to take a look and see for yourself if you have any type of cratering or saucering on your teeth, as this is the first sign. while the effect isn’t as bad as those that suck on lemons, oranges do contain enough citric acid to cause acid wear, esp if you drink that much OJ a day. you may want to see your dental professional about this, since significant acid erosion can cause increased chances of decay and sensitivity

  • matthew_jones_esq

    I’d excercise some caution there because of the fructose. It’s not just bad for your teeth, if you think about it, 1.5 litres of orange juice: that’s about 10-15 orange’s worth of calories that you are consuming. And you are not even burning any calories by peeling or chewing your oranges!

  • vijay

    I think the quantity you have mentioned is definitely high. I will suggest you to eat 2 oranges instead of taking a juice because the whole fruit should be taken .It will help you , I am sure.

  • simplesimon

    Yes. Especially every day. There are clear dental implications, as others have mentioned.

    On top of this, what kind of orange juice is it? There are lots of juices which are orange – but are also filled with sugar – which isn’t good to consume in anything other than moderation.

    I also remember stories a while ago of people drinking too much Sunny Delight and turning yellow:


  • Ange M

    nah aint bad…. jus carefull not to sdwallow a pip.. lol

    i think ur doin well for all that!! 🙂

  • Staffwise

    your poor teeth and guts.

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