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    Whatever the reasons may be for your high blood cholesterol level – diet, heredity, or both – the treatment your doctor will prescribe first is a diet. If your blood cholesterol level has not decreased sufficiently after carefully following the diet for 6 months, your doctor may consider adding cholesterol-lowering medication to your dietary treatment. Remember, diet is a very essential step in the treatment of high blood cholesterol.

  • the return of bunboy

    stop eating………….sorry, couldnt resist

  • Blackberry Lover


  • jessa_aka_jalapeno

    Cheerios. At least that is what their commercials say.

  • cnarebecca


  • Zach G

    eat cheerios!!

  • Coolmama

    DO not eat fried food or cheese

  • besitos


  • cool guy

    Eat cheerios for 6 weeks. Ever seen the commercial?

  • Liberal Atheist Child


  • Joel R

    I’m guessing that if you ate nothing but Quaker oatmeal and Cheerios that your cholesterol would go down.

  • celebrate

    cheerios or oatmeal stop eating red meat find a butter spread (if you use this) that doesn’t have cholesterol.

  • Polly

    Eat lots of fruit and Veg

  • Bobbi

    To reduce cholesterol, eat apples.

  • Miss Iris

    well, it first depends on the type of cholesterol you have..
    from there you figure it out.
    usually its getting alot of exercise. & eatting the foods that say lower your cholesterol. lol

  • cheerios

  • iwaann60640

    oatmeal and Lovastatin.

  • Pink poodle

    eat cheerios!!!!!

  • Avoid foods with high cholesterol, in order to check which foods have high cholesteral, go online and google it or simple check the nutrition facts.

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  • Mrs. Edward Cullen

    when you eat eggs only eat the white part the yellow has all the cholesterol

  • Samantha

    cheerios same problem. idk lower salt and fat intake. eat reduced fat or sugar free snacks whenever available. whatever you do dont eat candy, thats the worst thing to do.

  • eat cheerois! yah i heard they reduce your cholesterol
    its on the box!


  • petfreak123

    Eat Cheerios. hahahahah

  • qwastic

    apparently you can reduce your cholesterol by eating cheerios every morning for 6 weeks straight. i saw it on tv so it must be true!

    personally i take Zocor to reduce mine.

  • Sauron

    Yes, cheerios is good, don’t eat too many eggs, if you do don’t eat the yellow part. However, you shouldn’t completely avoid eating anything with cholesterol because that’s impossible, and unhealthy.

  • Claire

    Quaker oatmeal is supposed to lower your cholesterol

  • Andrey

    Cholesterol is a fat buildup on the walls of your arteries. I recommend exercise and a healthy diet. Less fats in your food, more vegetables. Also small amounts of alcohol may help, because alcohol contains groups that dissolve fats, therefore when your blood will carry alcohol it will dissolve some of the fat on the walls of the arteries. Exercise helps because it improves your cardiovascular system and your arteries constantly have to expand and contract, depending on the amount + type of physical activities you do.

  • Sinister

    Im pretty sure Flax seed oil or Fish oil helps reduce it if you want to read about it you can find out for sure



  • Cute as a... HIPPO!


  • Henery H

    I’ve done this and it has helped:

    You can donate blood every 8 weeks, and you can drink green tea. Lipton makes green tea mixes that come in a variety of flavors that you can mix with a 16oz bottle of water: Orange, citrus, raspberry, etc.

    Getting more exercise will also lower your bad cholesterol.

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