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I woke up with an ear infection this morning. I don’t have health insurance so I’ve been using the ear drops from my last ear infection, it’s been helping, but I don’t want to take any chances.
Does anyone have any natural remedies that can help me?
Oh, and some alternative antibiotics would be good too.
Thanks guys.


  • Shell1

    Garlic oil. You can make your own very easily, by dicing up a clove of garlic and adding oil. I use olive oil. Im not sure if there is another oil that you can use. Im sure there are some recipies online.
    Anyway dice the clove of garlic and cover with oil. Heat in a pan for a few minutes and then strain ( you need to have a very fine mesh strainer so as not to get pieces of the garlic into the oil.
    Cool completly and then drop into ears with dropper. Do one side at a time. Leaving oil in about 15-20 minutes on each side. Take a towl and let each ear drain onto it and wipe clean. repeat up to 4 times during the day. Also, Garlic is a natural antibiotic. Get some garlic tablets as they are much more concentrated then the amount of garlic then you can eat.
    I buy my garlic at the GNC store as it is the strongest Ive been able to find. It is called garlic 1000
    you can also buy garlic 500 too. it just means that one is 1000 mg of garlic and one is 500 mg.
    Garlic is a natural antibiotic, I never go without garlic on my remedies shelf. Good for Colds, flu & urinary tract infections. The garlic oil should only be made as needed. Throw out after 4-5 days and make a fresh batch.
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  • ice_goddess53107

    try using a drop of olive oil/vegetable oil. use a q-tip or paper towel to drop it in, it takes away the throbbing, and within a couple of days it should be gone. i would take tylenol/advil/ibuprofen, whatever you prefer to take away some of the pain.
    this worked on my last ear infection, no medication used whatsoever (:

  • Nadia

    When you sleep, keep your head face down on the side with the ear infection to give yourself some comfort. Have an Emergen-c packet filled with vitamins to make you immune system stronger, therefore fighting the infection 🙂 Hope this works

  • Zameer

    Try using some paroxyde oil

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