Help Colon cleansing?

i need to clean my colon, but i don’t want to by colon cleansers i want to do at home colon cleansing!! what kind of products are recommended because i stay constipated ALL the time and i want to loose some of that weight i’m carrying around for nothing! thanks!!


  • Tarra

    Fiber and water do exactly that. Whole grains & fruits.

    How do you know you need to clean your colon??? I mean, last I looked, I don’t have a "check engine" light for my body.

    Good digestive health also means good consistant eating habits. No "detox" diet will scrub away a year of bad eating. Just eat a good diet – all the time. Simple.

  • Good Servant

    All you need to do is eat a healthy high fiber diet and avoid eating to much animal fat from meat.

  • 'Cuz I'm Gorgeous

    Eat things with fiber, like apples and prunes and bran muffins.

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