Do you prefer complementary health care to medicine? Why?

i have a presentation on Complementary health care and i need views on this…….


  • janie

    In most cases, yes, I do.

    First let us determine just how broad a field alternative health is and some of its many branches

    Alternative health covers many, many branches (ex–naturopaths, homeopaths, chiropractor, Ayurvedic practitioner., reflexologist, herbalist, nutritionist. massage therapist, art therapy,sound (music)` therapy, counseling, body work, acupuncture, acupressure,

    magnetic therapy, iridology, mind body medicine, visualization, guided imagery, relaxation therapy and stress reduction, biofeedback, hypnosis/self hypnosis, self help groups and group counseling/encounter therapy, rebirthing, cranial restructuring,

    hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, flower remedies, mega vitamins.nutrients, juice therapy, yoga/do-ins, EFT, law of attraction, faith healing/laying on of the hands, aura analysis, auricular therapy(acupuncture/acupressure of the ear), posture training (Alexander technique, bioenergetics), Bates method (eye care),

    behavior therapy, biochemics (restring and maintaining natural body salts with 12 tissue salts etc), biorhythm diagnosis, breathing therapy, chakras, Chinese medicine, native American medicine, christian healing (things like holy waters, crosses used for healing), clinical ecology, colonic irrigations, color therapy, gems and crystals, cupping, sound wave therapy (cymatics), dietary therapy,

    dance therapy, dream therapy, electrotherapy (ex–tens unit), encircling (using circles to heal), feng shui, fertility amulets and rituals/healing amulets, floatation therapy healing shrines, ion therapies, kinesiology, leeches (still used for things like skin grafts and reattaching cut off organs like fingers..the leech saliva has an anticoagulant that prevents blood clots and other factors), macrobiotics, qigong, enzymes therapy, mazdaznan, medical astrology, meditation,

    metamorphic technique (manipulation of the hands, feet and head), moxibustion (heat stimulation), orgone therapy, osteopathy, past lives therapy, pattern therapy/pyramid healing, polarity therapy, primal therapy, psionic medicine, psychic healing, psychodrama (release emotions through acting out real life situations), psycho-synthesis, psychotherapy (various types like gesault, etc),

    radiesthesia (like a medical dousing), radionics (brings positive changes in a person’s energy fields), rolfing (deep postural massage), shamanic healing, shiatsu (Japanese finger pressure along acupuncture meridians, tai chi chaun (stabilizes yin and yang and brings more chi), therapeutic touch, and zone therapy.

    some I use and some I do not and some I disbelieve and some I believe strongly.

    Now I do believe that regular medicine (allopathic) has it’s place. when I was in a car wreck and had to be cut from the car, I wanted medical attention as they could quickly diagnosis my injuries and scan internally; however, despite multiple cat scans and xrays, they missed that I had two lacerated organs, the spleen and part of the liver.

    9 days later I went into shock and nearly died. I would not have wanted to go without medical care in this life or death situation; however, their negligence in missing the internal bleeding caused my condition to worsen to the point I almost died a 2nd time.

    I like regular doctors for diagnosing and then usually I use alternative health to try to fix the problem. I occasionally take medical drugs–if I feel they are essential, if I need to be sure something is treated immediately or the side effects are not too bad, but I do my natural treatments 85-90% of the time.

    So I feel doctors are good for emergency situations and for diagnosis.

    But I also feel natural treatments can treat emergencies from heart attacks (I stopped two in a relative) to someone’s knee being torn half off and even regeneration of a body part like the tip of a finger, but generally I tend to panic and want immediate help in emergency situations.

    But for most things I find alternative health, supplements and health and other holistic things like exercise, positive thinking, fresh air, getting into nature, essential oils, chiropractic, massage and so forth work well.

    Alternative health is generally preferred because it is much safer than drugs and surgeries etc.

    It tends to go to the root cause and fix that. Often the root cause it missed by doctors who treat the symptoms which they call the disease. This is one reason herbs often fix diverse problems as many times, they stem from the same cause.

    Garlic, for instance, is superior to antibiotics. First it, like olive leaf extract, colloidal silver, oil of oregano and grapeseed extract, works not only on bacteria like antibiotics but on viral, fungal and protozoan infections unlike antibiotics.

    Garlic is selective. It kills only the bad bacteria and not both the good and the bad like antibiotics.

  • my underwear

    I need an explanation. What is complementary health care?

  • dc50isfat

    If alternative medicine worked, it would have scientific proof and would dominate the medical industry; I support conventional medicine because I am a rational human being who believes in the neccessity of application of scientific method rather than ‘belief’ in mystical fairies and other nonsense.

    Turn to history, over half the population in Europe was wiped out due to voodoo nonsense rather than embracing medical sciences during the black death.

    For more information on the impact of pseudo-sciences such as complementary health examine

  • ckngbbbls

    I prefer what ever works. I will explore all avenues and go with the traditional first but I do check out other types of healing.

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