can the stress cause thyroid problems?

i had problems with thyroid before 2 years – then everything became good , and i didn’t took any medicine.
but now i\m under hard pressure and stress because soon final exams and you have to accept the result !!))

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  • James B

    stress can affect most if not all conditions. Thyroid problems are extremely common and are easy to treat with medication. Depending on whether u have a fast or slow thyroid it may be easy to treat the condition naturally. If it is slow "hypothyroidism" then iodine intake can help. If it’s "hyperthyroidism" then iodine can make it worse. I’m not sure what natural methods there are to help hyper. I know that very often people with hypo take kelp(seaweed high in iodine) supplements or just simply some iodine supplements. Since u don’t eat much I can see how it’s possible that u would be deficient in iodine. But I don’t know exactly what yur condition is. i’d say, consult with a doctor and get on meds if u have to.

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