anyone TTC with underactive thyroid problems?

I went for my pre-conception check up yesterday and they told me my thyroid levels were low (had this problem 10 years ago when i was like 14)
anyone have the same issue? did you have trouble getting pregnant or are you ahving trouble? how does this affect you and pregnancy?


  • Terry O

    Since the thyroid makes the hormones that influence most of the other hormonal glands, proper thyroid function is vital. Ovulation is the result of hormonal surges, which unless they occur you will never be able to ovulate or conceive.

    Another concern would be the cause of the thyroid problem. The thyroid gland relies on the presence of a wide spectrum of minerals and trace elements in the body. If you have any condition, such as gluten allergy, that interferes with your ability to absorb minerals and vitamins, then you could eventually be suffering from a variety of degenerative diseases.

    This condition is hardly ever diagnosed properly among adults, and is often overlooked in infants. Ironically, while the tests for adults are practically useless in identifying it, they are better indicators for infants. Infants and children with gluten allergy usually become autistic. Check the Celiac and Autism website.

  • Michelle

    I used to have an overactive Thyroid. I found out 6 weeks after I had my DD in 2001. I drank radioactive iodine and it killed most of my thyroid gland production. Now I am a pill once a day to replace the hormone. I have had one confirmed chemical pregnancy and I think I just had another one this month. I have not successfully gotten pg since. My DH & I have only been TTC for 3 month though.
    I am very worried that my thyroid could have an affect on getting pg. I just had my levels checked a month & a half ago & they were too high so they lowered my dosage from 150 to 135.

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