what herbs or vitamins are good for colon cleansing?

I see ads on TV for cleansing but I can’t seem to think they are a scam. Are there vitamins or herbs that can help with chronic constipation or cleaning the colon?


  • Colon "cleansing" is unnecessary nonsense. It will not improve your health or make you lose weight. Your colon cleans itself. Do not waste your money on these scams.

  • fire_emt_girl

    Yellow dock…good for cleansing of all the "bad stuff" in your body. It comes in powder or pill form. I highly suggest the pill over the powder as the powder doesn’t have the greatest taste.

  • Sudhakar B

    For chronic constipation if you have access to
    indian stores buy triphala powder which contains no lead
    or arsenic or mercury. It is powder of three dried fruits which
    balances 3 humours of the body along with getting rid of
    constipation. It is not habit forming and you can stop
    whenever you feel like. If you do not have access to this
    powder consuming 15 to 20 prunes at night would be best
    solution, so also papaya and bananas. Amongst dried
    fruits 3 figs soaked in water in the morning should be
    consumed at night and another 3 soaked in water at night
    should be consumed next day morning. Do it for a month
    and your bowels will be regularised. Good luck and God
    Bless. Cheers! :o)

  • Pamela V

    Turmeric works for me.

  • Susan Yarrawonga

    Liquid chlorophyll and apple cider vinegar are both supposed to be very good colon cleansers.

  • wecangetfit

    I have seen a video that shows colons being cleansed by alkaline water. Check out the source below and watch the videos in the "Videos and Articles" section.

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