Veganism and cholesterol?

I am on a vegetarian/vegan diet for my cholesterol levels. I am trying to lose about two pounds within the next 2 weeks week and a half. In the few weeks I plan to lose five. I am seeing a specialist doctor and regular doctor. I need to lose about forty pounds. It was 262 last time and god forbid it is higher. My question is apart from losing weight and exercising/diet alone would it lower my levels significantly if I follow a vegan diet within the next month or more? I do drink soy milk but it has no cholesterol anyway. I am going to try no diary and eggs and meat for a while or a few months at least or within the next three months. And if my cholesterol lowers significantly then that is good for me. Another question is, How many miligrams of cholesterol can a person safely ingest a week and be safe from the high levels, such as 15 mg?


  • kirsten j

    There is no set limit as to how much cholesterol you can consume in food. Everyone is different and thus cholesterol will be handled differently. Some people on a low cholesterol diet still have cholesterol issues and it is just familial. Some people can control there level with diet and exercise alone.

  • If your cholesterol level is below normal that is less than 200 do not try to lose,
    You should also check your HDL cholestrol — >40mg/dl
    ————— do —————LDL ———— — <150mg/dl
    —————– do ————-VLDL — do — — <40mg/dl.
    These values are not absolute and can vary with the age and sex of the patient . Thus for a 30 year-old a cholesterol level of 240 can be considered high but can be taken as normal for a 60 year-old.

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