Should i colon detox?

I am a 17 year old male, 6’0, 136 pounds. I’ve eaten a lot of junk/fried foods in my life and lately felt very sluggish and seem to always be tired. I have already been checked for limes disease so thats not it. My friend and i have already gone out and bought GNC’s Preventive Nutrition Cleanse and i’m beginning to feel that this could do more damage than it can do good for my body. What are the pro’s and cons of colon detox/cleansing for a boy my age, is it a good idea?


  • NapoliMan

    I’m pretty sure "Colon Cleansing" is never an answer to anything. Your colon (large intestine) is a tract of tissue that mostly absorbs water. Leftovers from the small intestine enter, remaining nutrients are removed, goes out the backside. Nothing much to cleanse.

    I did some looking up, decided that the practice for the most part is a health-nut fad and nothing more. So-called "Toxins" don’t build up and are probably completely harmeless (no evidence to say they’re harmful) if they exist at all.

    Suggestion: Don’t do it. There’s always risk involved when you put chemcals through your body, so if it’s unnecessary why go through with the risk?

  • elephanteyes

    Just stop eating s*it. That will cleanse you. Drink water and eat healthy food. It will take a while for the effects to show but do not go for colon cleansing. Remember what goes in is what is making you feel awful. Don’t put it in your body and you will not have any difficulty getting it out. Good fresh fruits and veg. will give you tons of energy and speed up your digestive system. And take plenty of exercise too, that will keep you regular and increase your oxygen levels making you feel good.

  • Nurse Practitioner 32 years

    Take the product back and get a refund. Your colon has helpful bacteria which are also destroyed or depleted with any product like this. The idea of detoxing is a fad and is not healthy . I’m glad you are looking at the pros and cons of this procedure.

  • Helen B

    i’m a 37 year old female and if i knew what i know at 17 i woulb be much smaller n healther lol. but i have found colon cleanse to b very healthy but u have to use them with caution!! b-cause all colon cleanse r not 4 every one. they have different kinds. sometimes u have 2 take vitiams along wiyh them. u also have 2 eat right. it’s like running a car out of gas u attain trash n the fuel pump. to make a long story short don’t clean out your body then go back n put these harmful things back in your body with out some type back up because the cleanse has to work hard to get years of bad toxins out ur system so try a vitiam when usin a cleanse

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