Question about health insurance & pre-existing conditions?

Shortly before being taken off of my parent’s insurance plan, I was diagnosed with a thyroid condition that requires expensive blood tests and regular office visits. I have applied for insurance through my job, and when reading the bylaws I noticed that it does not cover pre-existing conditions. Will my thyroid disorder be considered a pre-existing when I was diagnosed only a few months ago? Will I ever be able to get any kind of insurance coverage for this disorder now?


  • In California, if you went from one insurance to the other within 180 days pre-existing conditions don’t apply. If they did apply, employer provided health insurance can only not cover you for thyroid for six months.

    I am hypothyroid, I have never been asked about when it was diagnosed. I have always gotten my health insurance from my employer. Even if I was unemployed and uninsured before, it just doesn’t come up.

    The link below can take you to a resource for your state. The rules are to keep people from waiting to get sick to get insurance.

  • PureOrLady

    rules as I know them, the insurance you are currently requesting, should not cover pre-existing conditions for a period of about 6 months.. However, there should be a question on the form about prior insurance. If you have had insurance in the last 6 months (the insurance companies like that number) then an exception should be made. Basically check with the new insurer and make sure they are aware you had previous coverage.

  • melleedawn

    The newer laws say that if you get insurance within a specific time you will not have a pre existing condition. Look up Hippa laws and read about health insurance portability. If you have not been off insurance too long, you might have no waiting period. You need a certificate of coverage for your new insurance from your previous provider. To be pre existing you have to be treated within 2 years. If I am correct worst case, the law limits pre existing exclusions to 12 months. So if you go a significant period without insurance, you might have a waiting period of 1 year. My suggestion is to get it and keep it if it means getting cobra after a job loss.

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