nice drink i can make?

i have raspberries
soya milk
rose syrup
choco milkshake powder
darc choc
pinapple and coconut juice
strawberry and banana smoothie
strawberry jam
peanut butter
cereal bars
cocoa powder
plus all the usual stuff like sugar, honey
i also have cherries!
oh and mango sorbet
vanilla icecream
vegan vanilla icecream
mars, snickers, munchie icecream bars


  • Skittles

    soy milk+peanut butter+bananas+vanilla icecream

    coconut juice+pineapple+ice(top with cherry)

    soy milk+bananas

    pineapple+strawberry and banana smoothie

    snickers+vanilla ice cream

    vanilla ice cream topped with melted peanut butter and melted chocolate


    coconut juice +pineapple+bananas+cherry

    bananas+cereal bars+soy milk

    coconut juice+pineapple+bananas

    vanilla ice cream+mango sorbet

    vanilla ice cream+strawberry and banana smoothie

    vanilla icecream+bananas

    mango sorbet +pineapple

    strawberry and banana smoothie alone

    coconut juice+pineapple+vanilla icecream

    mushed cereal bar sprinkled on vanilla ice cream

  • Yumi Katara

    Shirley Temple

  • xxxfayziexxx

    chocolate of ur choice
    chocolate saurce if not ice cream if not powder!
    perfecr fatty chill out drink

  • Deborah D
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  • LittleLaura


  • Caleb H

    If you have rum or a soft drink like coke or sprite use the pineapple and coconut juice and make a pina coloda.

  • Dana N

    r u a bartender? y do u hav all that stuff? lucky!

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