natural remedies for shrinking/getting rid of tumors?

my mom just came to me and told me she had a tumor that started growing on her ankle in 2009, and has since wrapped around the bottom of her foot, and it’s been causing her pain to walk lately. She’s had a benign tumor on her arm before, and was able to have it removed. Her chances for getting cancer are huge. She has a lot of sun damage on her skin and has also been smoking for more than 20 years. Since a messy custody battle with my ex-stepfather, she has had her insurance taken from her and is really on the edge with money. (as in only receiving 0 a month.) I just want to have her try an at-home remedy that will make me feel safer about her health until she gets another job.


  • Michelle

    YES, systemic enzymes. My mom used them to get rid of tumor she had growing in her throat and up into her sinuses. I am not a doctor, but I can tell you it worked for my mom, and she tried it because it worked for her cousin and sister. You must understand though too, they all ate a healthy diet too rich in organic fruits and vegetables, especially freshly made fruit and vegetable juices made with organic vegetables.

    Here is a link to the enzymes they used, and no I don’t stand to profit in anyway nor do I work for this company, if your mom is open to trying them:

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    There are no effective alternative treatments.

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