Is drinking 1 litre of orange juice a day that bad?

Hey, for the past week all I’ve been drinking is a 1 litre carton of Princes orange juice a day – nothing else, and as a result I’ve lost 14lbs (yes I’m a bit overweight). It wasn’t intentional at first, but I just haven’t felt like eating much and plus by the time I’ve finished drinking it, I feel full and sickly anyways.

I know someones gonna say “omg it will rot your teeth” – well, I’ve been using a straw and I brush my teeth very regularly anyway as well as see a dentist, I highly doubt my teeth are gonna fall out tommorow, plus I used to drink a lot of coke and crap like that and they never damaged my teeth.

As for calories, well there’s only 420 calories in one whole carton, so that’s probably why I’m losing it and that’s all I’ve been consuming, besides water, but I still feel full of energy, so it hasn’t had any bad effects on my health.

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  • It’s probably too much fructose and an excess of vitamin c. You’ll just pee out the excess vitamin c.

  • jose b

    You have to drink water, the amount of sodium in those drinks is crazy. FYI too much vitamin C can cause balding.It also have a lot of sugar compared to drinking a litter of fresh squeezed orange juice. i hope you are not a diabetic becuse this would kill you.

    The big question is how over weight are. If you are very over weight, then easting something and getting closer to a healthy over weight is better then staying at extremely over weight.

  • Baby Love

    too much of anything is not good!

  • I also tried this but i kept it in line with my normal diet, yes it lose weight quite quickly but only if your burning the extra sugar, my orange juice said "One serving is 250 ml" so i had 4 servings a day, however on the little health guide thing it also said one serving is 33% or your gda sugars. in theory if you drink this in the morning you have already taken in the amount of sugar for 1 and a third days.

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