I have a thyroid problem and overweight,does that mean I will never lose weight??

I’ve been working out for quite a while.


  • Get your thyroid condition back to normal with treatment and then we’ll talk. People who have found themselves in starving conditions for what ever reason always have lost weight..

  • kestrelk8

    it doesn’t mean that you will not lose weight it just means it will be a little harder and you’re going to need the help of a professional to speed things up for you. ussually your doctor can prescribe medication to keep your thyroid functioning normal which will help you lose weight. hire a personal trainer and/or a registered dietician to help you understand exactly what you need to do in order to lose weight under your personal circumstances.

  • psyc78z

    No, that does not mean that you will never lose weight. I would check with your doctor as there are medicines that help with low thyroid problems that have the added advantage of helping you lose weight and gain more energy.

  • justwondering

    Get yourself to an endocrinologist – some MD are happy if you fall within the normal range when they should be looking at your other symptoms to determine the correct thyroid dose. Once you are balanced the weight should take care of it’s self. As long as you aren’t taking in too may calories.

  • U should talk to ur doctor aboutthat issue because gaining weight is part of the thyroid issue and u can loose the weight u want off even though u have the problem just eat low fat portion control high protein diet lots of vegies and fruits do one hour cardio and 30 min strength train and crunches

  • freakyvgirl

    My mom has thyroid, and it’s easy for her to lose weight because her doctor prescribed her a pill which makes her digestion normal. But, she eats half a cucumber as a salad for lunch, and oatmeal for breakfast. If you can take 15 minutes a day to walk around your neighborhood or on a treadmill, it makes a lot of difference. So basicly, you can lose weight the same way everyone does as long as your doctor prescribes a pill, you exercise, and eat right.

  • Krista

    You’ll lose weight if you get treatment for your thyroid problem. My sister had a similar problem, and was able to lose weight after going on medication and, of course, dieting. Working out is great, but you have to take in less calories than you use in order to lose weight.

  • While it will be difficult, it can be done. Best advice is to learn more about hypothyroidism and find a doctor wo will treat your symptoms. Far too many doctors view their thyroid patients as lab values, leaving many plagued with symptoms that won’t go away.

    When you test, make sure its only done in the morning. If you only get a TSH, find out what it is. For most, the TSH needs to be around 1.0 for weight loss.

    If you have the morning TSH arond 1.0 for 6+ months and are still having problems, then find out about switching to a medication like Armour that is both T4 and T3. Many people are poor conveters of T4 into T3 and doctors never realize this because they don’t test our free t3 levels. On Armour, the free t4 needs to be at least midrange and the free t3 should be high in range for weiht loss and relief of symptoms.

    Lastly, if the above measures don’t work test for insulin resistance. Insulin resistance often develops because of the thyroid weight gain. Testing for this is a fasting insulin, fasting glucose, and an A1C.

    Links below.

  • I have a low-thyroid problem too. And right ive been getting alot of blood test and seeing alot of doctors. Just a couple of months ago i just found out i had it. And i finally understood why i would gain weight when i exercised and ate right.
    I really dont know if you will lose weight or not but all my doctors say that once they have my throid undercontrol it will work correctly and i will start losing weight. But if i was u go c a doctor cuz thyroid is a big issue, and can cause alot of other problems

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