I have a low thyroid…..Will it always be low?

Or can it raise? Also I had a baby 11 months ago. Does that affect my thyroid level?


  • Some people do have post partum hypothyroidism (low thyroid) that does dissolve after time. If the problem is something you have developed since you had your baby (congratulations by the way) and your doctor medicates you for it, make sure to have your thyroid levels tested frequently. If it was an issue prior to you pregnancy, than more than likely, it may be a more permanent type of thing. But, you know, on the bright side, it really is a very treatable condition, as you may already be aware of. good luck.

  • aer_rn

    Some people will always have a low thyroid. There are alot of arguments out there about it. Some doctors believe that they can put you on Synthroid or Levoxyl and check your TSH level and you will be fine. Some doctors believe that you can still have hypothyroid with a normal TSH level. Also, yes, most people notice a change in thyroid after a pregnancy.

  • No there is a drug called synthroid that can raise your TSH levels up to normal. Your doctor will determine whether or not this is appropriate for you based on how far from the normal range you are. If you are just slightly under, he/she may not find it to be necessary for you.

  • You need to go to WebMD and check out the hypothyroid articles. They explain a lot. If you take synthroid you can go to http://WWW.Synthroid.com , they also have info. I have hypothyroid and my levels went up with my meds , and came down , too ! You need a blood test about every 6 months. Annie

  • Susan Yarrawonga

    Sounds like you need iodine.

    Kelp tablets (rich in iodine) may be the answer.

  • young guy

    I also have had a low thyroid since the age of just 2! I take 125micrograms (mcg) of Thyroxine tablets once daily to keep my thyroid level even and have blood tests 2 times a year to monitor the levels. With you having a baby a year ago it could affect your levels but I’d advise you to consult your family doctor. I had a MRI scan 11yrs ago which gave the docs an accurate assessment of how my thyroid is. I much better now with it but in my teens I was quite ill with it.

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