how do you get started eatting natural food on a budget?

I am interested to find out how to do this on a budget. Organic is just way too expensive for my family to afford mabey if we had a farmers market but its winter in new england so no luck. I shop at walmart its cheapest. I bake my own bread which has less fat less calories in it. So how do you get started on a natural food diet with out having to go with out.
Yes i am looking to lose some weight but i belive in portion control,motoration is key to me. and getting to really know your body and what full really feels like. so not diet tips or meals but thanks.
Im with ya on the broke part. I have two kids and i just really want to make sure i can give them the best nutriton with out having to go complety broke. there is so much stuff out now on prosessed foods and all that "healthy stuff" stuff is super expensive and tofu is gross to me sorry not to offend any one yes i have eatten it. life is so busy now and im trying but it too easy just to buy the frozen lasana, or the chips and hot dogs and s$#%. boxed cerel frozen waffels.


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    Go to a local health food/natural food store for some inspiration. There is a lot at the one in my town, that is really reasonable. You can often find beans, legumes, grains, pastas, etc. in bulk.
    I think you are already off to a great start doing your own bread.

  • Oatmeal with some frozen or canned peaches is yummy and cheaper than most cereals for breakfast….

    Buy fruit juices (not cocktails) on sale (the more naturally pigmented the better (such as grape, cranberry, etc…then dilute them an addition 50% and serve those instead of softdrinks….less sugar, more phytopigments and antioxidants.

    Popcorn (hot air popped) with some seasonings are healthier than chips and such, and a huge bowl uses about 25 cents of corn.

    Just a couple ideas.
    I’m cheap, but its because I’m broke.

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