Eggs and cholesterol?

I was reading on wikipedia that cooking an egg oxidizes the cholesterol, and makes it more harmful. What does that mean? If it’s not cooked, the cholesterol is less harmful…? Obviously if you get salmonella poisoning, though rare, you probably wouldn’t be concerned with the cholesterol at that moment, but I am still intrigued.


  • Yamster

    Eggs are commonly said to be high in cholesterol and eaten in moderation, but really, they are perfectly fine to eat as long as you aren’t eating like 40 eggs a day.

    People say they are high in cholesterol because previously they were, but the amount of cholesterol has been reduced in eggs, and also, the fat in eggs is showing in research to force LDL cholesterol (bad type) into the liver.

  • Danielle

    cooking binds the proteins together on the cellular level and therefore makes the yolk harder to digest, it causes changes in the cells or something that your body isnt used to, same goes that we arent supposed to eat burned areas of meats.

  • Aunty Pat

    our scientist friends have a love/hate relationship with eggs. The yolk is full of nutrients that balance out the protein in the white. (Eat as much egg white as you want). Just eat the yolks in moderation (three yolks a week) and you’ll be fine. If you want your chickens to have had a nice life, buy the expensive ones.

  • rule62

    Our scientist friends also have conflicting ideas about cholesterol. I read that dietary cholesterol – what we eat – is not connected to blood cholesterol, or at least that the connection is weak.

    Give me a salted egg salad sandwich anytime! If I get diagnosed with high blood pressure or high cholesterol, I’ll worry about it then…

  • alladrm

    I can’t give you a scientific explanation for what wikipedia has to say about cooked eggs and cholesterol. I can tell you however that I for one never pay the least attention to fats in my diet and do not have high bad cholesterol. I have however had food poisoning and would much rather take my chances with cholesterol.

  • I am currently on a low cholesterol diet and I love eggs. I haven’t heard about the oxidizing thing. One thing for sure, all the cholesterol is in the yolk. And I have found out that one thing that is consistent among the different websites is that is 5 to 7 eggs weekly is okay since your body needs "some" cholesterol. But it just seems to follow the rule of "everything in moderation". FYI – Jimmy Dean makes a sandwich that’s surprisingly good. It’s made with egg whites, turkey sausage, and whole wheat, whole grain English Muffins. They’re called Jimmy Dean "De-lites". It’s not the same as a sandwich with the yolk, but it’s not bad and it’s microwavable! Have a Nice Day.

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