Colon cleansers sold in Australia?

Hi, I live in Australia and I’ve heard of all of these colon cleansers and acai berry products available in America but I’m wondering what is available in Australia. I don’t want to hear about what a scam they are I just want to know what’s there.
I’m a teenager and I dont have a job so It would be preferable if you could give me some cheap names.
I know I’m picky but I would also prefer if it weren’t an online delivery system as my mother would be strongly against it.
Also, as I was saying about the acai berry thing. I’ve heard of a product called The Purple Berry that’s available in Australian chemists and seems great but it’s something dollars and I just cant afford that. If you could give me the name of some acai berry product or something else just as effective I’d be really grateful.
Thanks for your help guys.


  • Whitley

    There are a lot of colon cleanser options to choose from and since you are dealing with your health, it is wise to explore all of your options. I recommend you take a look at which has a ton of useful information, advice, resources and overall guidance. Many of the product suggestions are available via the internet.

  • Sammy

    I prefer Que She because they are natural weight loss pills and work really well

  • Well it is online delivery in Australia
    BUT IT is Free Trail

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