What is the best colon cleanse, and are they safe?

Hello, I have been wanting to try a colon cleanse. I need someone who knows or who has used one to tell me a few things:
is it ok to use one at my age of 15,
will it be painful,
will I be spending the majority of my days on the toilet,
are they safe,
and which one would you personally recommend?
I don’t want to get in over my head here.


  • Don J

    Before you do a colon cleanse, make sure it is o.k. with your parents. It is not painful and is safe. If you go to your local health store and ask for an all natural colon cleanse, they can help you. Wait after you have eaten dinner for at least two hours before you take a pill. It is not like a laxative. If you don’t have a health store close, you can go to this site a friend gave me.

  • Charlotte Z

    i go old fashioned and only because it works
    lots of water and prunes/prune juice/fruits (natural)

  • marvinandkathy@att.net

    Xana, I don’t like those colon cleanse products because they clean you out from the top to the bottom. Remember, you are doing a colon cleanse. Look in your yellow pages under Colonic Irrigation., or you can do a series of enemas at home and get similar results.

  • Brandon B

    take enema, wait 30 minutes on toilet.

  • Vital Force


    I have personal experience with what I believe to be the best colon cleanse product on the market, Colonix colon cleanse by http://www.drnatura.com

    My friends daughter, 17 years old, was experiencing major constipation issues. This young girl had recently started on the birth control pill. Constipation followed the taking of this pill. They went to leading gastrointestinal doctor in L.A. area to try to figure out why there was terrible constipation issues occurring. All testing came back fine, but constipation continued.

    Doctor said there is no link between birth control pill and constipation, absolutely none at all. But, by the way the doctor said he did have an anti-depression pill to help with the daughter’s depression over her constipated state.

    The doctor continues on and says there is one side effect though to this anti-depression medication and that is constipation. Go figure!!!

    Well, my friends daughter did the Colonix colon cleanse. However, they recommend you be 18 years old before doing the cleanse. More maturity is required when doing this cleanse as it is necessary to drink adequate water.

    So, DrNatura does recommend you be 18 years old. My friend knew her 17 year old was responsible and had her do a 1 month cleanse. Well, she experienced benefits from the cleanse but terrible constipation continued.

    Finally, my friends daughter got off the pill. Within one month, 90% of this young girls constipation issues were over. These were constipation issues that were creating so much pain that she ended up in the hospital a few times.

    So, you are very young to be considering a colon cleanse already – only 15. Perhaps something is going on which has led you to believe you need to do a colon cleanse. I would definitely talk to your parents about this before doing a colon cleanse.

    When you are older, 18, you may want to consider the Colonix colon cleanse by drnatura.com as it was life changing for me http://www.healthbanquet.com/colon-cleanse.html

    If it is parasites you are concerned about, drnatura does have a great herbal parasite killing liquid, Paranil Jr., that can be used safely by those under 18 years old.

    Vital Force

  • Henry F

    I would recommend bowtrol. It does work for me.

    You may want to check out the review here:


  • elliot737

    +This site will give you heaps of information.

  • Kim1220

    A site that has helped me in the past is best-colon-cleanser.com. It contains all-natural DIY recipes, reviews of products, and general information on colon health.

    Hope this helps and good luck!

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