what can i use to clean my colon and upper chest?

I feel that i need to clean my colon and upper chest it havn’t been clean in a long time and sometime my stomach feel bloated and my bowel is slow moving is there something i can use natural or other with high blood pressure?


  • A health food store can show you some all natural, safe colon cleans or detox products and explain how to use them. They can also show you supplements that aid in breathing easier, one may be NAC. You can find out benefits from goggling question, also. . Such as : best natural supplements to aid with clearing lungs.. There is actually a Chinese formula called Clear Lungs There are many home remedies y.ou can google also. Another idea I know of is breathing exercises to clear lungs and enable people to breath deeper. It is something like take a deep breath as you count to 4 then blow it out to the count of 4 and repete this 4 times. Turn your head to face right and repete all steps 4 timed then face left and repete 4 times and you do these exercises 3 to 4 times a day. They actually work. I have a friend that used to have to take her own bottled oxygen on air planes flights and after using NAC and the Clear Lungs with exercises .She no longer is required or needs the O2 to fly. Hope this is helpful. Acid/ Alkaline Diet is amassing in helping bodies to recover health of all kinds of illness.

  • Vicky Prest

    I would recommend a session of Colonic Irrigation as it’s brilliant for removing sludge. Other than that, natural laxatives include prune juice, bran and high fibre.

  • Dark Lady apparently doesn’t listen to real drs. Keep things out of your butt

  • I suggest soap to clean you upper chest. I tend to do it when in the shower.

    As for cleaning your intestines, that is not really physically possible. You could eat a lot of stuff that makes you have loose bowel movements, but nothing is going to clean out your insides. Human anatomy is not made that way.

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