What are natural health products (ie, herbs) I should purchase?

I would like to try alternative medicine, what would you suggest?
Health issues:
-bipolar disorder type II
-Anorexia with bulimic tendencies (Getting therapy)
-Very tired

I also have a dairy/lactose free diet.
I am getting "real" medical treatment. However, I would like to try these things as an additional treatment.


  • Psychobenzaprine

    Vitamin D is NOT an effective bipolar treatment, nor is Oily Kelp Extract.

    Bipolar is a serious condition that requires *real* medical treatment.

  • Liberty Corrigan

    Bipolar cannot be treated by any type of "alternative medicine". The reason it’s "alternative" is because it’s utter garbage and doesn’t work (the only exception being St John’s Wort). You could probably treat the depressive episodes with SJW although it really isn’t advisable to do so, but hypomania cannot be treated by any "herb" and MUST be treated under the supervision of a professional.

    Anorexia can only be treated by the therapy, there’s no magic cure for body dysmorphia. The tiredness could be part of bipolar depression, or it could be part of the anorexia. Eat well, sleep properly. Kratom would mask some of the issues but it’d be just that, a mask. The underlying problem wouldn’t go away.

    e; truehope? are you kidding? how do you sleep at night, endagering people the way you do? you utter scum.

    ee; mannatech? bloody hell, ANOTHER pyramid scheme? why is this even allowed?

  • thenoseknows

    this is the best product for bipolar
    Otherwise 5,000iu a day of vitamin D3, a really good probiotic supplement (at least 15 billion cells per dose) and Omega 3 fish or krill oil.

    The "answers" you get from the anti-holistic/natural medicine trolls are pure garbage. The mindset of anyone who feels a need to do this pathetic and pathological.

  • thrawn323

    marijuana. duh!

  • essentual8sugar

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  • Gary Y

    I would advise you to steer clear of herbs (crude drugs) for these conditions. Natural does not equal safe. Herbs are unstandardised, untested, uncontrolled and lack evidence of efficacy and safety. What it says on the label may not be what you get in the bottle. Many herbal remedies have been found to be contaminated with heavy metals and other toxins. They are typically handed out by people with little or no medical training and the industry is rife with scams and fraud.

    Moreover, you risk INTERACTIONS with other medicines.

    If you insist on trying such ‘treatments’ you need to discuss what you are doing with your doctor.

    @Liberty, yes I agree with your assessment of the truehope spammer. We see the same vile garbage from it every day.

  • There is no effective treatments for psychiatric issues available in a health food store. Period. Not to mention, many of the things you find there will interact real BADLY with your meds.

    "Very tired" is simply too nebulous.

    Nosey gives advice everyday that would kill someone. Another kid will certainly come along and pitch MMS (Bleach) as a cure all.

    If someone gives you health advice on the internet, take it with a VERY large grain of salt.

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