Thyroid problems….?

Are thyroid problems hereditary? My brother has had a thyroid condition for awhile now and I recently found out my grandmother has too I was just unaware of that. I’m 15 & I’ve been to the doctors already for anxiety issues & have been depressed for awhile now and I’m worried I might also have a thyroid problem. I was curious of when you go to the doctors about it what all would they have to do to determine if there was a problem with your thyroid gland? Thank you.


  • Lisa A

    The tendency to get thyroid disease is inherited. So you should get checked. Especially before you go on any antidepressants or anti psychotics or anything like that. It may be as simple as hyperthyroidism, and you can be saved from a lifetime of misery being on antidepressants and anti psychotics just by treating a thyroid problem.

  • kari t

    They could do some bloodwork and tell you pretty quickly. Depression and anxiety could both be caused by throid problems!

  • raekay9

    Simple blood tests. They look at the TSH levels. If you’re worried, make an appt with your doctor. If something is wrong, its nothing that can’t be fixed with a pill to help regulate your thyroid hormones. So, dont stress about it! 🙂

  • findout what type of thyroid problem is in your family because there are a bunch of different types. basically its just too many thyroid hormones being released be it TSH TRH T3 or T4

    but yeah ask your doc about it you might be able to get some drugs taht inhibit the hormone synthesis or iodine pills depending on what you might have

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