Question on Cholesterol level.

I just saw my cholesterol level report.
Is my cholesterol level too high ?

Result : 6.59
Unit Of Measure : mmol/L
Reference Range : (<5.20)

HDL cholesterol
Result : 1.25
Unit Of Measure : mmol/L
Reference Range : (>1.03)

LDL cholesterol
Result : 4.99
Unit Of Measure : mmol/L
Reference Range : (<3.35)

Result : 5.27
Unit Of Measure : —
Reference Range : (<4.51)

Result : 0.77
Unit Of Measure : mmol/L
Reference Range : (<2.26)


  • Carlos M

    We usually don’t use mmol/L units to measure cholesterol levels in the US but looking at the reference ranges I can tell that the total cholesterol is high and the LDL (bad cholesterol) is also high; your good cholesterol (HDL) is high and that is good, but not good enough to make up for the high LDL and you can figure that from the Total/HDL ratio which should be lower than the 5.27 that you got. Your triglycerides are fine. I don’t know if you have any other risk factors but your doctor should address this issue. You may me placed on a diet and exercise program or get started on cholesterol-lowering drugs.

  • Randy M

    your overall cholesterol is high but you have a decent hdl (good) cholesterol level and low triglycerides you should be ok. LDL and vldl are bad hdl good triglycerides are free fatty tissue trying to become cholesterol on ya. remember if it comes from an animal its got cholesterol.

  • i♥u2

    The two answerer above are correct.
    You should eat less meat and more vegetable and fruits.
    Do more exercises will also help to lower your cholesterol.

  • jeannie kathleen@

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