Natural Herbs and Supplements for hairloss?

I am looking for a natural supplement or herb that might benefit my seven year old with her bout with alopecia. I think we will eventual give up on chemical meds and steroids as they just have not worked and have so many side effects.

I need something a child can take and something that is all natural.


  • Goldista

    Self-Care Remedies
    Eat a balanced and sensible diet to ensure your kid is getting essential nutrients. Reduce the consumption of white flour and sugar in his/her diet.

    Use a mild shampoo. Afterward, gently towel hair dry and use a conditioner.

    Avoid exposing hair to chlorinated pool water or any other chemical solutions.

    Avoid excessive dry heat such as that from blow dryers and curling irons.

    Protect scalp and hair from damaging sun rays by wearing a comfortable hat.

    Massage his/her scalp weekly to stimulate blood flow and relieve stress. Sluggish blood flow and stress can both cause hair loss.

    Alopecia areata, a specific type of patchy hair loss common to men and women, was recently shown to respond to essential oils of thyme, rosemary, lavender, and cedarwood. These were added to a carrier oil of jojoba oil and massaged into the scalp daily. After seven months, researchers found that 44% of the patients had noticeable results, compared with only 15% of the controls.

    Don’t wear tight wigs or hats that can cause hair to rub off ( called friction alopecia).

    Keep braids or ponytails loose. Otherwise, hair can fall out due to the tight pulling (called traction alopecia).

    Fish oil supplemet for kids – get from a natural health store –

    Multivitamin supplement for kids – in a vegetable matrix – from a natural health store.

  • cosmossante

    Palmcia !!!!!!!!!

  • angel_rat_83

    Saw Palmetto!!!!!! Try this! It worked for me so well it’s amazing! Good luck!!

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