How much Juice is left in PS3?

I love PS3 offers everything i need hitting a year mark with mine in next years January. Now rumour has it that PS4 may emerge soon not that i believe it but with Microsoft now are on the roll with the next Xbox Loop (Codename) i am just thinking will PS3 stand against it? Releasing a PS4 now would be a bad move. Some say its coming, some say its not? What do you think? Plus how many years are left in PS3?


  • Wilder

    Here’s my thoughts…
    New xbox console may appear next year, according to string rumours, but I personally think that it will be announced in 2012 to appear in maybe ’13?
    As for the next PS model? I expect it not to be a fully new model, just a Ps3 with more bang for your buck.
    Think along the lines if what Apple did with the iPhone4s, all the features of the 4 with other bells n whistles included.

    The thing with playstation is that a new model comes along when there’s new technology to use.
    Ps1- cd rom
    Ps2- DVD rom/Internet connectivity/HD (selected titles)
    Ps3- Blueray/HD and all the rest.
    Since ps3’s release, there hasn’t really been any advancements in tech to warrant a whole new console, they’ll lookI at what they can do to ps3 to help us get more from it.
    Like more memory so the console can do so much more than it does already.

    That’s my prediction anyhoo!

  • Justin

    About another 3-5 years

  • Mrs.Ladiie K♥

    In my opinion I would say about 2-3yrs… I mean I’m sure eventually they’ll come out with something new. But not anytime in the near future. I mean I wouldn’t give anything a definite answer until PlayStation confirms it publicly.

  • Nyan Cat <3.

    I’d say the PS4 will be released in 2015 – 16… or somewhere around there. Maybe even longer.

  • Hysteria98

    PS4 is apparently confirmed for 2012, as is the next Wii.

    I don’t touch Xbox at all, forcing me to pay a monthly subscription free just to talk to my bloody friends and play online against a vast majority of the community that are c*nts that ruin every multiplayer game I play. Not to mention how they make you pay for everything else at stupid-high rates, despite the whole corporation DROWNING in money.

    But that’s just me, I only use PS3 because Playstation is where a majority of the best game series started, and finished. Xbox had none of them, still to this day.

    I wouldn’t touch another Xbox knowing what the bastards are like, the only problem is Sony are just as bad, and Nintendo are lost causes altogther. Barely any point in gaming at all anymore, it’d be a lot more profitable sticking to Android/iPod ‘apps’, and Flash games via the internet.

    PS3 was an absolute disgrace from the beginning, and after everything we’ve been through since it’s birth, you couldn’t trust Sony Computer Entertainment to go out and buy a energy-efficient light bulb that lasted a year. Bad analogy, but is it even worth the effort insulting them? Nnnnnope.

  • Saved

    Plenty Of Life is left in PS3, Sony just said PS3 is not even closed to reaching it’s peaked.They have no reason to rush PS4 . not when They are now making money on every PS3 Console sold. I think besides that Sony has showed when a competitor releases a console early. it does not mean they will win for Example Microsoft who had a head start now see their led cut to 2 million..even with every odds Sony had to face with High price, to apocalyps3. stupid teenage Hackers etc

    PS3 is now within reach of passing Xbox 360

    Microsoft Xbox 360 has peaked, that doesn’t mean PS3 has

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