health insurace question?

i heard there was a law now in new york that states im covered under my parents till im like 26. im just wondering if this is true. n then im only in the school i go to till march so if there no law with the being covered till im 26 then am i no longer covered after i end school. so i have to get my own insurace

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  • Walton

    I think only a New Yorker would know that…I know that in most states you "could" be insured under your parents until usually 25 or 26ish, if you were a student…Of course you need to check with you parents to ensure that you actually are. Other times students get insurance from the institution they are attending at a very low cost – if your using student loans you may be paying for this and not even knowing. Anyway, it will take some research on your part but you do need to check with the school and your folks – never want to be without health insurance. Also, in the event you are covered now that will end at graduation or shortly thereafter so you’ll want to find a position with a company that offers health insurance as a part of its comprehensive benefit package.

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