Cholesterol types…need help please?

Part of my homework is to make a list of foods that have cholesterol in them, a few kinds of food for each 5 "types" of cholesterol. My text book says nothing about the 5 types, and I can’t seem to find anything on google.

If you know these 5 "types" of cholesterol, please let me know!

Thank you … I’m kind of confused!


  • there’s only one type of cholesterol, and it’s called cholesterol.-
    but people normally call cholesterol to all the lipoproteins or fat in blood, then you have HDL,LDL, VLDL, free fatty acids, and triglycerids.-
    HDL also known as the good cholesterol.-
    LDL the bad one.-
    VLDL is a step before the LDL is formed.-
    free fatty acids circulated in your blood without attaching to proteins.-
    and triglycerids are in blood and also are the way of "storing" fat.-

    hope that’s what your teacher meant.-
    just now that normally all five aren’t used, the ones iused on clinic every day are HDL, LDL and tryiglycerids.-
    those show up in every blood test.-

  • Scott L

    Cholesterol is the combination of a sterol (steroid and alcohol) and a lipid. When you combine this molecule with a protein, you get lipoprotein, which has 5 subcategories:

    1. HDL – High Density Lipoproteins
    2. IDL – Intermediate Density Lipoproteins
    3. LDL – Low Density Lipoproteins
    4. VLDL – Very Low Density Lipoproteins
    5. Chylomicrons

    Some people consider another important blood lipid in the same conversation:

    6. Triglycerides

    Basically the "density" (HDL, IDL, LDL, VLDL) indicate the ratio of protein to fat in the cholesterol molecule. The more protein in it, the denser it is considered. HDL has the capacity to absorb free fat molecules in your blood, so having a relatively high HDL niumber is a positive health indicator. As the density of the lipoprotein goes down, it gets "stickier", which means that its capacity to adhere to the walls of your blood vessels increases.

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