Thyroid supplements and leptin supplements?

I’m not overweight, BMI wise I fall into the normal category, but I am looking to lose 10 lbs that I gained after working in a pastry shop for a year.

I’ve read a lot about herbal thyroid supplements helping people lose weight (along with diet and exercise, of course) as well as leptin supplements. I do not have a thyroid condition, but was wondering if these supplements are safe for people without a thyroid condition and actually aid in weight loss. I’m not interested in diet pills that claim to drop pounds, so if these are similar I’d like to know.

Any advice or personal experiences are greatly appreciated.

And also, I am only 19 if that matters any.

Thank you. 🙂

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  • It depends on what’s in the thyroid supplement. Some herbs stimulate the thyroid gland sufficiently that they can create a hyperthyroid picture if a healthy person takes them. And supplementing with iodine when it’s not needed can also cause problems.

    The thyroid gland is involved in setting the basal metabolic rate. But if your thyroid is healthy, it’s not in your best interest to "muck with" thyroid hormones.

    Healthier options would include EGCg (green tea extract) or even short term use of red/Korean ginseng (Panax ginseng). These are both mildly stimulating. You could also try the fiber-based options like PGX, which will aid blood sugar control and provide a sense of satiety (fullness) in a healthy way, thereby acting like a bit of an appetite suppressant.

    My best advice? Eat LOADS of fresh fruits and veggies in an overall balanced diet. Include protein in your morning meal. Breathe deeply. Move joyfully (and do it often! With varying intensities.) Sleep well. And laugh often. Provided there are no underlying problems/endocrine issues, you’ll lose weight and be healthier and happier overall. 🙂

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