Thyroid-stimulating hormone?

Can anybody tell me all the diseases related to this hormone? (Thyroid-stimulating hormone also known as TSH)
All the diseases that have to do with it, or the deficiencies of this hormone.


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  • jimmymae2000

    This is the hormone used (controlled) by your brain to tell your thyroid to make more/less of it’s hormone. It is much like an automobile gas pedal. The normal range of TSH is 0.5 to 5.0, if the TSH is high (as in my case, was 390) that means the brain is pushing the pedal to the floor, asking the thyroid to be more productive, but as in my case, the hypothyroid condition requires treatment by daily ingestion of synthetic thyroid hormone. Like wise if the TSH is to low the the patient has Hyperthyroid. Since i don’t have that condition, don’t know what the treatment would be.

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