Thyroid in pregnency..?

Any one had Thyroid during pregnency?? Im 6 weeks pregnent & yesterday doctor said i have Thyroid (not high). Im so scared.. as per the Doctor it effects to unburn baby’s brain..
Please share with me if any one had Thyriod during there pregnency..& how its effected to childs. Is there any home remedies are there to reduce this…
Please help Im so worried..
Thanks to all who is writting for me..



    I’m not exactly sure what you mean….

    Everyone has a thyroid gland – it is really important for maintaining your metabolism and is in increased demand during pregnancy. Sometimes the levels of hormones it produces can be too much (hyperthyroidism) or too low (hypothyroidism).

    Both conditions are not great to have during pregnancy, but especially hypothyroidism because thyroid hormones are important in your baby’s development. If your doctor is concerned he/she will manage you with hormone tablets you can take. Or if yours if overfunctioning that can usually be managed with tablets as well.

    I am currently on thyroid hormone tablets because I recently found that I have thyroid cancer and had half of my thyroid cut out. They will not harm your baby. They are very safe.

    Hope that helps

  • luvnbirth

    I think you should talk with your doctor again. This time take a tablet and pen to take notes. Everyone on the planet should have a thyroid. You cant survive without a thyroid unless you have hormone replacement. It’s your responsibility to understand your health conditions and specific needs. Try to get clarification on what you are dealing with.
    Either way thryoid disease is easily managed and is not a big deal during pregnancy unless left unmanaged. I have hypothyroidism & My baby and I are just fine. Baby only relies on mom’s thyroid mostly in first trimester after it produces its own hormones

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