ok.i have fake tan all over my hands and they are bright orange! HELP?

pluS I HAve school tomorroww!! any help?!

anbd idont have any lemon juice!


  • Sherrie

    Have you got a pumice stone in the house? If you have, scrub your hands with it. This may dry them out a little, so you’ll have to plaster them with hand cream afterwards, but the same thing happened to me with red hair dye. Good luck!

  • Bella

    go buy lemon juice.

  • mychem282

    Its gonna be there for a week. Nothing really gets it off

  • ♥ =]

    Wash your hands with bleach and conditioner mixed, then bleach and shampoo . Really scrub .

  • Kayla

    Use Lemon and salt and scrub with a rag or sponge. I wouldnt do the bleach thing unless you want your hands feel like they are going to burn off:(

  • Kenzie Wilks

    If you really can’t go and get lemon juice (or a lemon) then try nail polish remover.

  • rocking around the clock

    those are chemicals that you do not know what they are they might
    come from stuff that you are allegric to.

  • bobbycat

    Coconut milk? hahahahahaha

  • Jessica

    I have a blog post that explains the Concealer color theory. In that post I explain the color wheel. You need a color opposite of orange to offset the temporary discolouration on your face. Don’t try washing it off with bleach, or other cleaning things that wouldn’t normally go on your face. Last but not least, breath. Everything will be fine. If you need any other kind of help or explaining before school, feel free to email me at cobrajnm@gmail.com

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