Is this good or not.."Plus other questions" ..?

Hello =)

Trying to lose weight..And I’m quite fussy so I was wondering If this Is good or not.But I can’t have this everyday because I’ll get bored of It so If you have suggestions that would be great 😉 .

Breakfast – Cereal with orange or apple juice.

Lunch – Turkey sandwich..with coleslaw?

Snacks – Bananas/juice..?

Dinner – Something like pasta?

——– Before ——

Breakfast – Nothing or something like junk.

Lunch – Depends more junk such as..biscuits or crisps.

Dinner – Depends I’d probably not eat much with being fussy.

Snacks – Junk food..!

Also doing an hour on the treadmill a day =)
so what do you think? how can I improve? any ideas?
will I lose weight with this?


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    well compared to what you were having its great. and doing an hour on the treadmill is good to. you will loose weight. might take time. but will happen 🙂


    I did food tech for 2 years when I was younger and I’m quite the whizz at this stuff. I think what you’ve suggested in healthy but on losing weight pasta won’t help because it’s absolutely loaded with carbs which then = calories so unless you eat it and then do an hour on your treadmill and probably some other stuff too. You’re going to conteract all your good work for the day.

    Another tip for you. A way in which people put on a lot of weight is they eat carbs and then drink water and the carbs hold the water making you bloated which makes you gain pounds like there’s no tomorrow so if you’re going to eat pasta, for instence, and then go on your treadmill to run it off don’t go overboard on the water cos it’ll only make it harder to burn off

    Hope this helps 🙂

    A few good dinner ideas would be risotto as it’s high in fibre and that helps boost your motablism or steamed fish etc..

    Good luck

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