Is low cholesterol worse than high?

This seems logical to me as many alcoholics have low cholesterol because their livers are damaged. Therefore they cannot manufacture and produce cholesterol from the liver and use it to regulate hearth health,hormonal function and Bone health not to mention proper vitamin d Synthesis.


  • gardengallivant

    People with low cholesterol levels are linked in statistical studies with those much more prone to self injury and suicide. Since cholesterol is a precursor to so many other steroids it is essential for normal neural function and brain development so may play a role in psychiatric disorders.

  • High and los cholesterol are both bad to get. I couldn’t tell you which one is worse, but you dont want to get either. I do know that cholesterol is used for stability in the phospholipid bilayer of a cell membrane.

  • andymanec

    Yes, abnormally low cholesterol is bad, since it’s required for the synthesis of certain biomolecules, and it’s necessary for proper membrane fluidity in cells. We can make all the cholesterol we need, though, so unless you have some other medical condition (like the liver damage you mentioned), it’s not really a problem that you have to worry about. If you DO have a condition that interferes with cholesterol synthesis, you likely have other health problems that will eclipse cholesterol deficiency (and you’re vegetarian or vegan and don’t get any through diet).

    Since it’s not really common, and would probably be overshadowed by other medical problems, I don’t think it’s worse than high cholesterol on a "public health" level – far more people suffer negative effects of high cholesterol than those that suffer from low cholesterol. On an individual level, though, it would be about equivalent (bad, but treatable), or worse if you take into account liver failure as a cause of the condition.

    In other words, you don’t want either condition.

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