I am doing a project for my health class on teens and drugs?

One of the categories of the types of drugs is natural remedies. What are some natural remedie drugs?


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    Sounds like your teacher is teaching propaganda to me. Natural remedies are not drugs.

    Drugs are synthetic chemicals that are used to suppress symptoms and are toxic. They are regulated heavily and have to pass through testing because a certain amount of the drug will lead to harmfulf results hence the need for intense studies.

    Natural remedies like herbal tinctures of echancea or golden rod are substances fround in nature from plants, herbs, flowers, fruits, nuts, seeds and sea weeds. they can be natural medicines with medicinal qualities but they are not drugs and most of them come with no side effects.

    They work on the body in a completely different way by adding support to the immune system through nutrient components so the body’s natural healing ability can step up a notch and heal itself.

    Drugs on the other hand suppress symptoms.


  • thc kills cancer

  • Your Favorite Stoner (suspended)

    Marijuana. It cures any pain, helps calm down people with PTSD, KILLS cancer cells in your body.
    AND it helps bring people together with peace instead of violence.
    The government hates knowing there’s something that can help people realize we are just their f*cking slaves. It makes people realize the simplest things in life, and has never killed a signal soul.

    Do tell me, what kind of propaganda has your health class "taught" you?

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