Colon Cancer Question?

I am 16 and I was wondering if it is possible for me to colon cancer.I have had some symptoms and am worried.I had blood in my last bowel movement,though nothing was unusual about it besides that.I also had been feeling a little bloated before that,but i hadn’t had a bowel movement for around 2 days(that might have something to do with it).I have had blood in my stool before,but I never have really felt bloated.what do you think?


  • Peter M

    Tim, at your age, blood in the stool is just not acceptable. It more than likely is not colon cancer and again at your age you should not be having hemorrhoids. It sounds repetitious, but you really do need to see a doctor and get a professional diagnosis of what is causing the bleeding. For your peace of mind and future good health please make an appointment. You know you are going to worry about it until you do. Get checked and find out it is something totally simple and easily fixed and not the beast of cancer!

  • Seadawning

    It sounds as though you are straining during evacuation of the bowel. Constipation often leads to hemorhoids, and they bleed.

  • mikebaharmast

    you need to go to DR,
    but you are 16 years old it make thing mach more better.
    blood is not only symptoms for colon cancer.but the best thing you can do is go to Doctor ASAP.
    collon cancer patient

  • Angel

    It could be just piles or IBS or at the worst ulcerated colitis but as you do not have any severe pain then thats unlikely.

  • Colon cancer is unlikely at your age, but it’s always a good idea to check out blood in the stool. Get it checked but don’t worry.

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