Coca-cola and health problems?

Is there a connection?


  • Cocoa-cola, or any other sugary soda for that matter, can cause various health problems. In fact, diet sodas can cause health problems because, no matter what the literature and media say, artificial sweeteners are not safe. Sodas are basically liquid candy.

    What health problems can sodas cause? Obesity, of course, which can lead to diabetes and heart disease. The caffeine in some sodas can cause excessive urination and kidney problems due to dehyration if you drink sodas instead of water. The sugar in sodas can cause cavities. The carbonation in sodas can make acid reflux worse.

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  • margarita

    Maybe, maybe not. What are your symptoms? How much Coke do you drink per day? Diet or regular? Need more info. Diet pop/soda has been in the news recently connected with health issues.

  • sugarmagnolia

    The only thing I can think of is that coke and other sodas can make acid reflux and heartburn worse. They also contain so much sugar that they can add to weight problems.

  • fifibonjour

    Don’t drink anything with Aspertame in it.

  • TweetyBird

    There is usually a connection between excesses and health problems. Drinking too much coke can cause dental problems and excessive ingestion of carbonation may affect some people’s stomachs but in general there is no connection with moderate to conservative use.

  • Lincoln6

    Besides being loaded with sugar, Coca-cola is made with Phosphoric Acid, which is a form of Phosphorus. Whenever Phosphorus goes through your body, it automatically links up with Calcium. If you are not consuming some type of Calcium with that Coke, it will take it out of your teeth or bones.

  • coca cola, pepsi and some other drinks have sulphuric acid, co in them and also some other gases..
    if one drinks it, it may cause gastric problem like gastritis or what is commonly called as acidity..
    also these drinks take the calcium from the body.. and in children they may cause tooth decay.. as these drinks absorb calcium for teeth also..

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