Cholesterol and 4 months pregnant?

My doctor checked my cholesterol in October and it was kinda borderline high. She checked it again last week, and she said my liver is fine but my cholesterol could be better.

I am 4 months pregnant, and I don’t want to be put on cholesterol medicine right now, what else can be done besides eating healthy which I am doing my best at. Also exercise.

Has anybody else had cholesterol problems?


  • quamquamsidere

    Don’t worry about the cholesterol levels, and for god’s sake DON’T take any cholesterol-lowering medications. They are UNSAFE to take during pregnancy.

    Get a reasonable amount of exercise, and try not to eat much junk food, particularly sugary foods, which increase oxidation and damage in your body– therefore requiring your body to produce more cholesterol. And don’t stop eating meat altogether!. The small amount of cholesterol you get from food is dwarfed by the amount your liver produces on its own, and you and your kid NEED adequate protein and fat intake during pregnancy!

    If your levels are still high after pregnancy, discuss treatment options with your doctor then.

  • Baby Girl Rylin 5/3/08

    I had a pap test done 1 year before I got pregnant and I had high cholesterol so when they did the pap test again after I got pregnant I asked about my cholesterol. They told me they do not check the levels because pregnancy causes high cholesterol anyway so it will not be right.

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