about thyroid follicular carcenoma?

i have under gone thyroid surgery.my 2 lobes had been taken.in biopsy it had been diagonised as follicular carcenoma.is follicular carcenoma falls under two category that is benign and malignancy.



    Follicular thyroid carcinoma (FTC) is a well-differentiated tumor. In fact, FTC resembles the normal microscopic pattern of the thyroid. FTC originates in follicular cells and is the second most common cancer of the thyroid after papillary carcinoma.

    Papillary/follicular carcinoma must be considered a variant of papillary thyroid carcinoma (mixed form), and Hürthle cell carcinoma should be considered a variant of FTC.

    As with most tumors, the cause of thyroid cancers is unknown; however, thyroid cancers are well known to be found more often in patients with a history of low-dose or high-dose external irradiation (40-50 gray [Gy]). Despite its well-differentiated characteristics, follicular carcinoma may be overtly or minimally invasive. In fact, FTC tumors may spread easily to other organs. Life expectancy of affected patients is related to their age; the prognosis is better for younger patients than for patients who are older than 45 years. Of patients with FTC, 10-15% present with lung and bone metastases. In patients with bone metastases, distinguishing that condition from scurvy, osteoporosis, and primary bone tumors may be difficult.


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