Would smoking weed make a thyroid problem worse?


  • TheRealAcid9

    It depends on the thyroid problem. The three most common thyroid conditions are thyroid cancer, hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.

    If you have hypothyroidism, that means you have an under active thyroid gland – which usually results in uncontrollable weight gain.

    Smoking marijuana with hypothyroidism can actually make the condition worse.

    On the other hand, if you have hyperthyroidism, where your thyroid gland is over active and its difficult to maintain a healthy body weight, then smoking marijuana can increase your appetite and help with the condition.

    As far as thyroid cancer, it just depends on how advanced it is and how its affecting you. But medical marijuana is recommended for most major types of cancer just because it can help ease nausea associated with chemotherapy.

  • Calvin Kim

    Idk what I thyroid is, but weed doesn’t cause ANY harm so no.

  • Jj7sephM

    Yes it can. Smoking surpresses your apitite and can make it worse by not regulating your hormones. you should quit!

  • Hannah

    Weed doesn harm you at all and it so does not supress your apetite if anything itll help u so I say toke up buuut u should watch the movie "the union" ….its very…informative

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