Will colon cleansing help remove a stomach parasite?

I ate some undercooked beef and I got very bad diarrhea that has still been going after about 2 1/2 days afterwards, I figure that’s the symptom of having one..will this flush out the parasite and any eggs it has laid? Thanks


  • Renny76

    A colon cleansing can certainly remove stomach parasites!

    Research reveals your colon can become the optimal breeding ground for parasites. Many of these parasites if left untreated can cause serious illness. Of the 1,000 various species of parasites, only 20 percent are detectable by medical testing procedures.

    To learn more about this parasite-removing procedure you can read more about colon cleansing here: http://www.womans-health.net/best-colon-cleanse.htm

    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  • NO. NO NO!!!

    IF you got a parasite, you need medication. Nothing will "FLUSH THEM OUT".

  • olympics junkie

    If these "parasites" have gone thru the intestine to the large bowel, it may, but the procedure does nothing for the stomach..

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