is this a healthy breakfast?

for a 14 year old girl

a bananna
a bowl of branflakes with no milk
fresh orange juice
i don’t like milk so thats why i don’t use it


  • luclancy

    Yes, but milk would be healthy too. Plus, any breakfast is healthier than none 🙂

  • What should it be

    why no milk? milk is very important!!

    cereal with milk and 100% juice of something is good for a youngster like you.

    Two fruits are great for the morning not just one banana.

    Stay healthy! peace =)

  • Dr.Robert

    If I could keep it down!

  • Ventus


  • Queen Jacquelyn

    keep the milk lose the cereal

  • fatbaby1006

    ofcourse it is…

  • Yes, definitely! I would put milk in the cereal though.

  • kroogerjubei

    throw some protein in there, body needs it after a fast.

  • ♥♥The Queen Has Spoken♥♥

    Replace one of the fruits with yogurt. Then you’ll have a healthy breakfast. (save the fruit for a snack later in the day.

  • davjaz1

    i agree with the others, you definately need milk with your cereals, its important. But yes definately its very healthy.

  • Mariana D

    yes its very healthy and i sometimes did it wihtout milk

  • morganic.

    Milk is a MUST for a growing kid, and you could add more to your meal.
    For instance:
    Toast with natural peanut butter/ soy butter.
    Try adding things to your cereal like raw nuts (almonds, walnuts, avoid peanuts).
    A granola bar.

    You need more in your meal to fuel your body and mind for the day ahead of you.

  • Jamison

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  • Somebodyscousin

    Its a very healthy breakfast, but you should definitely have a bit of milk at least and maybe add in a slice of brown bread with some peanut butter. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it should the biggest so that it can help you through the day.

  • William

    Compared to full fat cows milk, soya milk has a lower fat content, a lower proportion of saturated fat and no cholesterol. It is also a good source of protein.

  • Texas

    Just add a splash of skim milk to the cereal and your breakfast would be perfect.

  • Melissa K

    Sound’s great- try adding the milk thoe for the calcium!
    Maybe 2 tbsp of crushed nut’s or 1/4 cup almonds for protein.

    Hope i’v helped, goodluck!

  • Mumsey

    Soya Life is the best milk – low fat high calcium no animal fat and it tastes better than any others.

  • michelle


  • i <3 u x

    arhh lol i couldn’t have bran flake with no milk! if you don’t like milk then that’s fine… but if it’s because you think it is fattening or something then maybe use soy milk?

    any yes that’s a healthy breakfast..

    Im 13 and trying to be healthy too… i have sometimes oatmeal for breakfast (very good for you)
    sometimes wholegrain yogurt with chopped up fruit , maybe muesli or brankflakes 😀

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