Is my cholesterol good or bad?

my ldl is 79, my hdl is 52, and my triglycerides are 159. total cholesterol 159
im 24


  • john e russo md facm faafp

    Excellent numbers for any age group. The goals for a young adult with no health problems is a total cholesterol of less than 200 mg/dL, an LDL cholesterol of less than 160 mg/dL, and an HDL cholesterol of above 35 [some would suggest 40] mg/dL. The goal for triglycerides is supposedly less than 150 mg/dL but you are close enough. I wish you the very best of health and happiness and in all things may God bless. JR

  • Const. King

    That sound excellent. Most physicians want the total cholesterol to be below 200.

  • Questopher Dela cruz

    that is good for a 24 year old.

  • bledi d

    It is perfect. Enjoy your life with heart-healthy living!

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