Is milk bad for your health?

Lately i have heard many ppl say tht cows milk is bad for ur health…how true is this?


  • susandorey

    This is a very controversial question.

    Of course the dairy industry is trying to tell us that we need milk and other dairy products, however, consider this……..there is no other living being that drinks milk past infancy. Cows only produce milk for less than 1 year after giving birth and must be bred to continue production.

    Dairy is considered necessary due to calcium, however the calcium in dairy products is delivered with Casien Protein and it is a known fact that we can not absorb calcium that is delivered with protein.

    There are now studies linking osteoporosis to the bodies inability to get rid of the calcium that can not be absorb, such as calcium that is delivered with protein.

    Dairy products create excess mucus in the body.

    Most dairy products are pastuerized, meaning that the dairy products are simply another over processed food, lacking the nutrients that it originally contained.

    Another consideration is to look at the diet of cows today……..yuck. As well the medication necessary to keep cows healthy due to the unsanitary conditions in which they live.

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  • xohkayla

    completely untrue.
    although too much calcium can cause problems, and milk is fattening, and too much can constipate you.
    just dont go overboard.

  • Joycee

    No not at all. Kids rely on it heavily while growing up..same for adults. Its better to fill up on a cold glass of milk than most snacks.

  • L1vin 1t UP

    NO milk is very good for you, get 1% its as good for you as water…MILK IS GOOD FOR YOU

  • conker123man

    that is load of bull milk is great for your body dairy helps you loose waeight is u take it in moderation of coarse.

  • Robb D

    Milk is bad ONLY if you’re lactose intollerant. If milk makes you queezy, get an allergy test.

  • malevolentbutticklish

    It isn’t true. Milk is good for you BUT if you are a fatty anything extra you eat with calories is bad. The fat and sugars in milk is part of a balanced diet but if you eat lots of fat and sugars in your unbalanced diet anyway then maybe you should stick to water.

  • dietzel362000


  • joel c

    it’s not true, but that’s probably why they invented chocolate milk, huh?

  • Alexis


  • guy85023

    Not very. In fact quite the opposite. Filled with calcium and vitamin D. Researchers in Finland also concluded that milk can reduce your risk of high blood pressure.

  • whiminkind

    Milk is good for you, especially if you drink 2% or less fat milk.
    Milk has added Vitamin A and D. Vitamin D has recently been connected to preventing cancer. Calcium is very good for you if you are female. It will help keep your bones strong and prevent brittle bones as you age.
    The blip about cows milk being bad was in the news about a month ago, but then was refuted.

  • hurricane

    whole milk is bad for you.

    you should try drinking skim milk if your taste buds and stomach can handle it.

    I say any calcium your body gets is a good thing, even though it may be bad for your heart, weight. You are always going to need strong bones to walk yourself to the bathroom.

    I drink 2% because its what I can handle.

  • azn grl

    Milk is actually very good for your health because it helps strengthen your bones and teeth, and prevents you from getting the disease osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is when your bones don’t get enough calcium and they aren’t strong enough to hold your body up anymore. That’s how some people get the huge lump on their backs. Skim milk is the best for you because it has the least amount of calories and it’s fat free. Whatever you do, don’t stop drinking milk unless if you’re allergic to it or something.

  • Islam Forever

    No, you need milk to keep your bones strong, and you need the calcium But too much of it could be bad for your health.

  • bharath h

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  • imtiaz c

    YES IT is BAD for the people LIKE you.

    We need it, we LOVE it, We drink it. Our Body needs Milk.


  • Issac L

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