Is it bad to have thyroid antibodies–should I take medicine for it?

I went to the doc for insomnia, she took full bloodwork.
Said my tsh was a little high and i have too many thyroid antibodies, i should start synthroid but i felt fine, just tired from insomnia.
I decided to get a second opinion, took another test, my tsh was a 1.
My insomnia started going away during that time too.
Called my doc back, he said i don’t need to take any meds.
I asked about the antibodies, he asked if i felt any symptoms, i said nope.

My insomnia is nearly gone and it’s NOT because of a thyroid problem btw, i have a lot on my mind so it’s that. I think too much, makes me wake up a lot.

My question is, should I take Synthroid if my thyroid antibodies are high if my tsh is normal or is that bad for my tsh? I feel fine other than sleepy from lack of sleep but some days, I’ll be able to sleep fine and I have a normal amount of energy, no problems. 🙂

What do you think?
Thank you Michelle.


  • Michelle

    Doctors seem to really be pushing the Thyroid issues lately…making one wonder if they do have a Thyroid condition or not. I’ve been told I have a Hypoactive Thyroid. Taking synthroid seems to help me, I have more energy, sleeping better, etc. If you are feeling better, and your doctor isn’t too worried, I wouldn’t be either.

  • If you can maintain of tsh level of 1, don’t worry about it. If you take too much thyroxine, you would go hyper. Keep checking your levels every now and than.

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