• joanne a

    cholesterol is a sticky fat that is carried in your bloodstream and as its sticky it tends to stick to your arteries, over time this builds up and hardens into a hard plaque, this accumulates until its difficult for normal blood flow as there is no room for it to pass as it should.
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  • jay_d_skinner

    High Cholesterol (generally over 200) is collected on the artery walls. Over time this increased collection blocks the artery for circulation flow.
    A double or quadruple bypass is used to add additional arteries to allow more blood flow around the blocked artery.
    If you keep your cholesterol under control it will prevent increasing buildup on these arteries.

  • wiseowl_00

    It really amazes me the ideas that people have on this subject. The inner lining of the arteries, the endothelium, is basically ‘non stick’ It is designed so that things do not just stick to it and clog up the arteries, this includes cholesterol. In any case cholesterol is transported around the body within lipoproteins, only handed out to cells that have the appropriate receptor. Two reasons why cholesterol does not just stick to the artery wall and cause a blockage.

    What happens is that something damages the artery lining causing an inflammation response. Cholesterol is actually one of the last things to be deposited in atherscleropic plaque

  • Razwell R

    It doesn’t at all. This is a MYTH. The Cholesterol Hypothesis of coronary artery disease has no scientific basis .Read the FULL the ORIGINAL data of the ORIGINAL study and many times you will see they are at odds with the abstracts.

    See my post on the MRFIT Trial and the MANIPULATION of numbers by Dr. Jerimiah Stamler , the director of the trial, in the abstract to make it SOUND impressive. In reality the MRFIT Trial showed NO SUPPORT AT ALL to the FALSE Cholesterol Hypothesis.

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