Hey I’m Planning on putting lemon juice in my hair tomorrow to get lighter hair and i’m wondering…?

what time to get up at this is the forcast for my area http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/24hr.shtml?id=2152
i live in uk is there anywhere u can buy it in uk


  • Fifi L'amour

    Please don’t do it. Lemon juice and sun-in etc make your hair very dry and damaged. You don’t always get a very good result and it can go patchy and weird. Plus you are stuck with it until it grows back.
    Other downsides include stinking of lemons all day and being surrounded by wasps. It is a BAD idea.
    If you want lighter hair, save up and speak to your hairdresser about professional highlights and a proper care regime. Or try one of the lightening products you can get from the shops where you just brush on the solution with a little mascara wand on the bits you want to highlight. (Probably better to get some help with it so you can do the back of your hair too). They are kinder treatments and easy to solve if they go wrong.
    Don’t ruin your hair for no reason.

  • Qendresaaa

    An even easier solution is buying "Sun-In" from places like
    RiteAid, CVS, etc. It cost about 5 dollars, and it works GREAT.

    It’s a spray. You spray it in your hair, and hang out in the sun.
    The sun does the work. If your forecast is sunny, it’ll work great.

    I used the spray for one day and i went from dirty blonde to
    even blonder. You can even spray the spray on only parts you want
    to get lighter.

    I Highlyyy recommend it!

  • Ruby C

    It wont work and it will make your hair feel awful. seriously.
    The only way to get lighter hair is using peroxide to open the cuticle.
    Get some really fine highlights just on the top. But honestly, i’ve put lemon juice on as a kid, and it made it horrible!!

  • La Chaparra

    theres this gel that you can use that you wont need the sun or anything and it WILL make your hair lighter
    it really works
    its called
    La Bella Lightnin Gel
    you can buy it at walgreens, fiesta, or walmart almost anywhere…
    and its a yellow gel that looks like this:

  • emacouture@ymail.com

    Doesnt really work in england
    Go on holiday & do it then it’s genius.
    & sainsburys- 13p

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