Has anyone used the lemon juice diet used by beyonce to slim down for dream girls, if so did it work and how?

much weight loss did you achieve on it?


  • x Princess x

    well beyonce did the maple syrup and lemon jiuce one.
    you loseweight extremly fast but it makes you really really ill and weak.
    plus as soon as you eat it all goes on as fat.

    i tryed it lost a stone in about 10 days but felt so weak and ill and put weight on after.

    a healthy diet with regular exersize is best.

  • Savannah

    plz dont do that its so unhealthy

  • ShanniC

    Don’t bother with it. It’s unhealthy and she had personal trainers, and access to more things than the average person.

  • Dr Frank

    Fad diets and pills seldom sustain weight loss. Evidence is 2 in 3 of this type of dieter will ultimately gain weight!

    The only way to stand much chance is a modest reduction in calories, together with regular vigorous exercise.

  • former smoker

    proper diet and exercise is the key, I changed my diet and have lost 7 lbs. in the last 3 weeks.

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